Frequent questions:

How can I earn satoshis?

To earn satoshis you must complete the captcha and then click on the roll button and you will automatically increase to your balance what comes out in last earned.

What is a satoshi?

Satoshi is told to a small fraction of a bitcoin 1 satoshi=0.00000001 BITCOIN.

How can I withdraw my satoshis?

Before you withdraw your satoshis you must have reached the minimum amount established. To withdraw ,in the page of withdraw, only you must enter the amount you want to withdraw and if your wallet is xapo you must complete the corresponding box.

How do I refer my friends?

You must share your referral link and when they register with your link. Automatically they will be your referrals and you will earn 25% of their earnings.

How many referrals can i have?

You can have as much as you want.

Are there any benefits of having referrals?

Yes, you automatically receive 50% of your referral earnings. You can check the quantity on the reference page.

What days do I receive my payments?

For normal bitcoin addresses are every Sunday.

What happens if my bitcoins address is of xapo?

We also pay xapo as normal wallets, but payments to xapo are within 24 hours.

Why don't I receive my payment?

We have had many payments rejected because the address of bitcoin was not valid, please always check your address, and finally contact support.

How many accounts can I have?

Usually you have one per ip, but if we detect that you use too many accounts, we will block the accounts, and the prizes by reference will be discounted.

What do if I don't find my question?

Contact support via email . We have support in English and Spanish.